Repeated item card component refresh bug?

Hi guys,
i’m facing a strange behaviour implementing card component with repeated item
I’m applying a filter on its data and so I’ve implemented a formula to retrive only the selected values.
Formula works but items are represented wrongly even if I see the data is correct
Here my repeat with formula:
IF(pageVars.selectedFilter=="", data.dataDeals,SELECT_BY_KEY(data.dataDeals, “category_code”, pageVars.selectedFilter))

If filter is blank data is represented corretly (first item in the list is CHILD for instance), if i set filter to HOME data is represented correctly but when I set filter to blank behaviour start to be strange.
Item is not anymore CHILD as it was before but if I click on its details I see that the data behind is correct.
I guess this is a bug on refresh component (i’ve tried both with list and card).
Hope I’ve explained well the bug
Here my app url

Now I’ve found a workaround creating two cards component (one with all data and one with filtered) setting the conditional if on their visibility

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Hi! Yeah we have encountered some problems with lists refreshing ourselves, which we are doing our best to solve in our upcoming 2.X version of our client. Our preferred workaround to this is to have a page variable like filtered_data where the data is populated on page load and when filters are applied etc, and this page variable is repeated in the component. In this workaround, the filtering formula is used in the set page variable flow function, which is triggered when filters/data is changed or page is mounted.

Many thanks for the tip! I will try your wa
In the meantime, since I’ve seen there is a beta testing program ongoing…would it be possible to try before its release the new 2.x version? I’ve already sent my subscription but still waiting for its acceptance

As far as I know, if you apply for the beta testing program you’ll get to test the 2.X version as soon as we have a release candidate for it that we’re happy with, which is hopefully sooner than later :sweat_smile: