Repeating a dropdown Field

I have successfully got a single dropdown field to work - but exactly the same settings fails to populate a repeated dropdown - what am I doing wrong?

Please include a screenshot or some other context of your how your bindings are set up – very hard to know otherwise what might be wrong. :slight_smile:

I’ve found an alternate (ugly) solution - but when time pressures have eased - I’ll come back to this and post those screenshots! - Cheers.

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Hi @Harri_Sarsa,
I think I might have the same problem as Oli_Clark. Here a description:

I have 2 data variables, as an example:

  1. kids
  2. teams

Let’s say I want to associate each kid to a team.
I created a component repeated for each kid istance, and inside the component I placed a dropdown menu populated with the teams names, using the MAP() function.
In this case, the dropdown menu isn’t populated with any selection option, while if I create the same dropdown menu outside of the repeated component it works fine showing the teams names…

Do you have any idea about what’s the problem? I hope it was clear enough.

Hi there,
I managed to populate the dropdown menu in the repeted component by adding a little delay before the data variable which would generate the repeated component gather its data.
Referring to the above example, I’ve used a delay before the Kids data variable get the data at page mounting, and now the dropdown menu are populated with the Teams options.
Hope this can help someone else in the future.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got a clear picture of the correct sequence of actions in these cases yet, so any explanation will be appreciated.

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Hi! Nested repeats are something that’s tricky in our current 1.X client, but should be working better when we get our 2.X stable. It does, however, sounds odd to me that a delay specifically should be the difference between the data populating or not :thinking: but it sounds like something that our 2.X is optimizing. In general, while on 1.X, dropdowns within repeats sounds difficult to get to work (e.g. getting input fields to work within a repeat is something we ourselves have trouble with in 1.X, and as such usually design the app to work in a different way).

Essentially, the direct binding of the selected dropdown value to the source data doesn’t work until the v2 runtime, so you need to use the onChange event and react to that.

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