Repeating Decimal need to be reduced in 2 characters

I did a object that use formula to calculate one thing I need… The problem is: some results are repeating decimal and don’t appear like I want (cut some numbers). I just want a way to transform this repeating decimal in two decimals.

(sorry my English)

Hi Richard! You can use the formula function ROUND to show two decimals: ROUND(2.555, 2) gives 2.55


My number is not the same everytime, it depends of another one that is completed by the user… I can use this functions anyway?

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Yes :slight_smile: For example if your number is stored in a page variable, you can use ROUND(pageVars.myNumber, 2) in the end to display the result in a 2-decimal form.


Thaaaanks :grimacing: it works! You’re amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@meri anytime i use formular to convert a number to a decimals 18 decimal place…it usually shrinks to a scientific style with the letter" e " how do i stop this as i do not want it to be short i want the while value as is