Repeating form submissions

I am working on a real estate chain of title app. In most cases, the same basic form will have to be used multiple times (sometimes as many as twenty) to trace the historic ownership of a property. I need to have all the associated iterations of. the form linked in a single file and also need to specify when the final deed in the chain is reached. Any suggestions as to the logic to use would be most appreciated.

I think the core thing to consider here is your data model. You need to decide if each change of ownership is its own record in data table or if those are one property (as a List) of a real estate record. Try to make the data model so that you’ll have the needed data easily available when needed without needing to parse some information from within other records.

On frontend/logic side, I think you should have some front page that lists all real estates or allows you to find those. Then opening one real estate would open to a list of ownership changes for that real estate. And pressing one of those changes would show the specifics of that ownership change, or by pressing “Add new ownership change” button on top/below the list, you could open a new page with a form to fill all the fields needed in ownership change.