Repeating formula help

I’d like
I have a an data resource that has a column with 3 data resources.
Call them: Data1, Data2, Data3.
In Data1 there is a key called Stuff1, in Data2 there is a key called Stuff2, both will contain text strings
In Data3 there is an key called Index which combines some combinations of values from Stuff1+Stuff2.

I’d like to pick a value for Stuff 1, and make a list of Stuff2. But only if Stuff1+Stuff2 does not exist in Data 3.

I’m having trouble with the formula.

So for a given pageVars.Stuff1Value
I think I need to make a list of Stuff2 items for only the objects where pageVars.Stuff1Value+currentStuff2 can not be found in Index.

Any advice?

Hi there!

I’m not sure if I’m understanding everything about your scenario, but from what I gather you want:

  1. pick a key from Stuff1
  2. make filtered list of Stuff2, but only of the items that are not in Stuff3 as Stuff1+Stuff2

Consider this a theoretical formula, but this is what I came up with those preconditions :slight_smile:

SELECT(Stuff2, NOT( FIND<stuff3Item>(Stuff3, stuff3Item.key == Stuff1SelectedKey + item.key) ) )

If you have some sample data, it’ll probably make it easier to provide help!

That did it! Thank you.
I hadn’t understood the documentation for FIND< >( ). I think that section could be made more clear.
And I also didn’t think that NOT() would work on find like that from the documentation.

I appreciate your help.