Repeating input/dropdown not showing values

Hi there,

Before runtime upgrade app was working as expected, after update some problems appeared.

First, the list of objects are coming from a REST API call.
I’m repeating this input field named Stock Quantity using that list of objects with lots of properties named Variations. This list of Variations is also inside another object named Products, so it goes like this:

product: { id: 1232, price: 2300, variations: [ { id: 1233, stock_quantity: 2 }, { id: 1234, stock_quantity: 5 } ] 

The input field’s ( which is repeated to each variation ) value property is bound to the variation stock quantity, but is shows no value when the REST API finishes.

If I repeat the same list using a Text Field, the values are loaded without problem.
The same happens to dropdowns.
The problem seems to happen on my Android Devices and the client’s iPhone. The WebApp loads the values without problems.

I’ve tried to delay before and after the REST API to see if it would work but nothing happens.
Also tried to Set Component Property after the REST API call ends, but it doesn’t work too.

So, basically, I’m stuck

Hi! We just noticed a problem with nested repeats and inputs/dropdowns, so hopefully this will get fixed in the future version(s). You can use the 1.9.22 (legacy) runtime in the meanwhile, if it works there it should be fixed to work in 2.X!