Repeating list from API, how to request to another endpoint with "Current" item


I’m trying to create a repeating list of companies with their names, stock price and logo (from an API).

I can request all data from a list of objects from 1 endpoint, which I successfully did with the “Repeat with” function.

The logo is not in this list of objects, so I need to request the logo url from another API endpoint.
I need to request it with a url parameter, which works when trying to call. I can’t figure out how to dynamically change the url parameter in the data variables for the “current item” in the repeating list.


I’'m not sure I understand how you fetch the logo, are all logos stored in a list type data variable?

In any case, you should be able to to dynamically change a url parameter with the help of a formula, something along the lines of:

"" + current.url

Or in the case that you are trying to find the right logo from the data variable containing lots all the logos, the formula would look something like:

FIND(data.logos, item.urlParameter == current.urlParameter)

Let me know if this helps!

What he means is that the logo he wants is not in the “current” object that he is repeating. He needs the logo url to be repeated from a separate list of data.

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I have a similar use case: need to fetch data from DataSource#2 for every repeated item in DataSource#1. Did not figure out a way to do this yet. Parameter for DataSource#2 is a field in DataSource#1 but is there for example a way to to set this parameter while creating a repeated list? Thanks and Happy Holidays!

@Harri_Sarsa Hi Harri, would you have any workaround for this problem of using one data source field to access specific data from another data source…? Thanks in advance!

Is there any progress on this kind of feature by any chance? For each container with repeat, there is another container to show data based on a specific field of the first container data. I have not yet figured out whether this kind of data access is possible… currently looks like it isn’t?

Thanks in advance.