Replace client-side record collection issue

Before I submit a bug report, I just want to make sure I’m doing this correctly. I have a pretty simple Airtable setup. I am using the API to bring in my data from that. I have another data source setup as an on device storage with the exact same fields. I am using a get collection step to pull the data using the API and then trying to use the Replace client-side record collection function to store that data offline. Everything looks like it’s working but then my offline data never changes. I would expect after I click the Sync Data button that there would be 2 records in my offline storage. Instead there are still 5 records from where I was testing. Any idea as to what I could be doing incorrectly? I can work around this, but it would be great if it worked like I expected.

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Hi @Adam_Wike, a bug report would actually be appropriate here, since it seems that while the client-side storage implementation has changed recently and it’s now called on-device storage, this flow function hasn’t been changed to support that. :sweat: Please make one at Bug Reports | AppGyver. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi Mari,

Has the function of replace client side collection been updated yet?

If not, is there a date where it be available?