Have worked on an App for about 2 months and AppGyver has proved to be the perfect tool :-).

But Regular Expressions have always been a challenge for me and I’m not having any sucess with the AppGyver REPLACE_ONE_REGEX function. Hoping someone can help me.

My object is to highlight matching text portions in a text variable from a users text search. I’m using HTML to render the text and simple wrapping the matching text in <span style="color:red;"> </span>. I can do it easily with REPLACE_ALL function but that only replaces text of the same case. What I need to happen is to match and replace the search test in any case (or combination of case) and I assume the REPLACE_ONE_REGEX function is what I shoudl be using.

So what is the syntax for REPLACE_ONE_REGEX that would use to replace “big” with “small” in all of the examples below :grinning:

My **BIG** problem.

My **big** head.

My **Big** software problem

so the result of each replace would be

My **SMALL** problem.

My **small** head.

My **Small** software problem

A rough way of doing this would be to replace using LOWERCASE, UPPERCASE and CAPITALIZE functions but that is a lot of work and does not cover all case combinations. I’m sure there is a REGEX solution!