Requesting READ/WRITE permissions on android

I’m building an app that generates PDFs, I’ve successfully built it but I’m stuck at this part when I want to download the generated PDF I can’t get it exported to the documents folder,
So I’m trying to figure out how to make the “Export to download” work for the new Android versions because that’s the problem I’m facing now, it doesn’t seem to work when compiling the APK (it is working fine within the sap build preview app after I tweaked the flow function a bit) but after compiling, the “Export to download” flow function gives this error “the permission is denied and not requestable anymore” which is a denied WRITE permission. so here is what I did so far:

First I edited the Export to download flow function from the outdated “DownloadDir”

to the new file system directory “/storage/emulated/0/Download” which made the Android sap build preview app work cuz it wasn’t working before…

So my guess is the app or that specific function (which has the javascript in it) doesn’t request the “Write” permission from the OS properly, there is an attempt to request the permission but I’m sure that’s outdated too which it’s this part here:

I guess is the “” which if I can recall you cannot edit…, if any dev could update it? :roll_eyes:

For now, I’m using the “Open URL” flow function which opens up in the web browser and downloads the file, but it would be ideal to do it within the app…
Any suggestions?