Reset default values in components


I’ve a dropdown list populate with 5 items correctly and an input text. I’m be able to change and interactue with the data and all works fine. Is there any option to reset this elements to initial state (delete the text of the input field & delete the selected value in the dropdown list)?

Thanks in advance


Are you binding the value of the input field and the dropwdown to some variables? In that case you can set the variables as undefined to clear out any text and selections.

Thanks Cecilia. I supposed should I assign undefined through a formula expression? If I tyoe “undefined” in the static value, the dropdown not change.

Yes! Use a formula as the assigned value and then you can just use undefined in the formula editor.

yes I understand. if what I don’t know is what formula I should use. xD

Oh right, there is no need for an actual formula or any functions, just type in undefined in the editor and that should work!


I had the same problem, I’ve tried your solution and it partially works:

  • On the web ( works fine except that for the text component I need to use “” instead of undefined (otherwise the text isn’t reseted properly)
  • On the iOS app resetting the text with either undefined or “” works fine, but using undefined for the dropdown resets the “Selected value” (as expected) but not the “Selected label” so it looks as if an option is still selected although the actual value is undefined.

Any ideas on how could I fix this behaviour?
Thanks in advance!


There is apparently a bug with the dropdown reset function, it should work exactly as you describe! I’ll file a bug report about this and we’ll get it fixed, thanks for reporting it and sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi, have you solved this problem? I have the same problem in my app.