Reset search input

Hello, I would like to know, please, how to reset the search input, thank you in advance.

@Cristiano_Falcao Do you want to reset the search input style or the variable that is set to the input field?

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Your input field most likely is assigned to a pageVar or appVar?
If so, just use set pageVar or set appVar and assign an empty value to it.

thank you, I got it :smiley:
can you tell me how to make a search input return a result, without making a difference between uppercase or lowercase letter at the beginning of the word we are looking for?

Use LOWERCASE() during database input so that you can use the same lowercase formatting when user input a search term.

Thanks! I’m sorry, but I’m a beginner, do you have to put LOWERCASE() in the database? I use the firebase database, is that where I have to put this LOWERCASE()?

Use the formula in the dynamic assigned value binding of the variables you are using for both inputting data into the database and for your input search field.
You need to read the documentation so you can figure out this easy topic.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll read it.

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Typo in my reply, now fixed and understandable. It should provide the solution to your question now.