Resource settings for Get record (GET) - JSON Error

Hello - I am following through with a few video tutorials to learn about this product. I am using Backendless for my backend and AppGyver for the frontend.

I can configure the Get Collection properly and load Schema based on the test, as instructed in the video. The next step is to configure the Get record. When I try to test it I get the error:

Error: JSON error response from server: {“code”:1000,“message”:“Entity with ID 1 not found”,“errorData”:{}}.status: 404

Resource settings for Get record (GET)

Resource URL:
Relative path: /{id}

I’ve read and re read these steps and created a couple of test tables and watched several videos. I am certainly doing something wrong but cannot see what I’ve missed.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I can send a link to the video if it is useful.

Thank you

Hi, you’ll probably need to use the Backendless generated unique objectID, such as 5D218C04-057F-401E-8D1E-15BC16638EF9 to fetch the record.

Hi Mary - thank you. I substituted the objectid from their schema and it works fine. Easy solution.

Now I can get on with learning :slight_smile:

Be safe

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