Rest API and client side storage

Thanks for the support, I have been going through them because I have no idea in app building but working on one. Please could you clarify, the client side storage vs the Rest Api. I am currently using the client side storage but I cant use output from another node when using set app variable. Does output from another node only apply when using Rest API?
Also must I use only the client side storage or I need to use REST Api as well for my data storage/backend. Thanks

The client side storage is stored on the clients device, usually for the purpose of persisting a certain activity. For example, remembering the items in a shopping cart, or whether a user is previously logged in. The REST API will permit you to send requests to another server, usually to post, get, delete, or update data - or to execute code. For example, getting movie data from an external database, or posting records to that database. Xano and Backendless provide codeless backends that you could use with the appgyver frontend.

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Thank you so much for the clarification. I have 2 questions
Is it possible to verify email after signup using the client side storage data only?

Also, I would really appreciate help on how to automatically log a user in the future once the user has signup. Currently, I only see steps involving REST API and not client storage side. Thank you so much

Hi does your message above imply Appgyver does not have a backend and must be used with another platform with a backend like Xano? Thanks

I am a bit confused because some of the videos I have watched imply client side storage can be used for building apps for prototypes. So my understanding is only the client side storage will be used a data source. Please help clarify. Thanks for putting up with this newbie

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks for the awesome information.