REST API Base URL from variable

It would be amazing if REST API Base URL could be obtained from a variable so we can host same API in different domains.

can you explain a bit more what do you mean, because if it is what i think, i cant see why i wouldn’t work

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I would like to be able to fill a variable and set it as BaseURL in the configuration of a REST API data source

@Leonardo_Martinez That should be possible using the URL placeholder – just create a non-static, non-optional URL placeholder, and place it in curly brackets {} in the part of the URL that you want to be dynamic. To make it easy to change, you can create an app variable that holds the baseURL, and bind that app variable to the URL placeholder field in each flow function using this resource in the app. :slight_smile:

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@Mari @Leonardo_Martinez

Hi, I tried putting the variable {} inside my ‘Resource URL’, created a ‘URL Placeholder’, but when I go back to Data (Get Record) in the flow, there is no place for me to refer the URL inside the ‘Inputs’ area in the Get Record Properties.