REST API data displaying in Composer, not on iOS mobile

LOOKUP(FIND(data.Swatches2, ==, "code") correctly pulls data into a title component from a JSON data source in Composer (app ID: 152228). The relevant data resources also appear in the debugger.

However, this data displays as undefined on the iOS preview app.

Reviewing similar issues hasn’t really gotten me anywhere either.

I reset browser cache (that has been an issue with REST API sources in the past). I also reinstalled the iOS app. Nothing seems to have worked. Anybody have any advice?

Could you check if the data variables have the exact same IDs? I’m wondering if the \n\n at the end of the IDs could have some breaking effect when using those in Titles. This is just a guess as otherwise the Formula looks as it should work and if the repeated data variable and Swatches2 are set, I don’t quite see what the issue could be.

If this doesn’t reveal any parts that could be fixed, let me know and I’ll take a look at your app and try to see if I can find the issue causing this.

This is embarrassing, but it was a typo in my formula. Only took a few hours of combing through it to figure that out :cold_sweat:

Apologies for wasting anybody’s time!

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