REST API Data (from Airtable) not visible when viewing in the Appgyver preview App on an iOS device

Hi community,

I am running into the following issue:

I am able to successfully call Airtable to import and display the data. Get Collection and Get Record schema are set. It perfectly works when I am viewing the data with the Appgyver preview App on an Android device. I can also see the data using the app preview portal with Chrome running on Apple Laptop.

However, when opening the Appgyver preview App on the IPhone and IPad the imported data is not displayed (ID 97419).

I also build a second app (ID 99613) to reproduce the issue. Also here I am having the same problem.

Someone had similar issues?
Is this potentially a bug with Appgyver preview App?
Or am I missing something in my app logic?

Also happy to post screeshots, if required.


Looks like this is reproing, we’ll investigate!

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Looks like your resource base URL has a \ character at the end, which the web runtime handles but iOS doesn’t. Remove the character and it should work fine.

Hi Harri,

thank you for taking time and investigating. That worked. On my way to publish my first app :slight_smile:
Great work with Appgyver!!