REST API - Define custom schema for POST/PUT from GET

Hi all,

I am in the process of integrating a custom REST API into my app. At the moment I am using the Set Schema From Response option to quickly set the schema for the GET requests (such a great feature!!)

My GET requests include fields like _id, _etag, and _created, which are obviously not relevant for POST/PUT requests.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is no way to copy over the GET schema to POST/PUT and remove these fields. It also seems that AppGyver submits empty fields in POST/PUT requests. Sending empty _id, _etag, and _created to my API throws errors (as it should).

Is there anyway to easily set a custom schema for POST/PUT from the base GET schema without having to create a custom schema??? I am currently looking at a LOT of work to enter custom schema (assuming the schema doesn’t change at all… which I am sure it will)

To me this seems like a common use case and a common API structure/response.

I think this isn’t currently possible, but I agree that it would be a good feature.

You should be able to use Set schema from response also for PUSH and PUT requests so if that’s possible, I’d suggest you to do it like that.

My API does not return a copy of the data that was sent to it for POST and PUT requests. The API only returns the relevant info like Object ID and Etag. Therefore I cannot set the schema from POST and PUT responses.

However, I can easily create a Swagger/OpenAPI endpoint for my API. If I was able to set schema in AppGyver based on a Swagger/OpenAPI spec (file or endpoint) that would be AMAZING.

If your PUSH and PUT return only a few fields, why do you need those to have any more fields in their schema? I don’t see a point for those to have more fields than what they actually have in the response.

About Swagger/OpenAPI: We have thought of this and I’m pretty sure that this will be a feature some way down the line, but no idea about the timetable for that.