Rest api direct integration, Image as a response (possible?)

i have connected an api to get a screenshot from a given url, but im getting this response.

So the question is, is it possible to get an image as the api response? And if yes, do you know whats wrong with my setup?

Hi, you can receive an image as a Base64 encoded string from an API and use that as the source of the image component.

It’s hard to say what could be wrong by not knowing the API. If you send the same request in Postman, what does the API return? Could you share the API documentation?

Hi @Mari thanks for the help, the api is from rapid api, where i tested it and indeed it returns an image.
i just sent you some details in private too

Hi Dimos, Can you explain what was done to fix the issue. I have a similar problem, the response from API is in “text” format (not a URL).

Hey there, unfortunately, i wasn’t able to solve that issue.
In general, in order to be able to use an image from rest api response, it needs to be a url or a base 64 encoded.