Rest API direct Integration POST Response data

Hello is my first post and first I would like to say how excited I am to start working with AppGyver, the platform is really amazing.
I already have an application developed with Kodular and I am migrating this application to AppGyver for ease of reuse. It’s been about 1 month since I came across a problem and I haven’t been able to solve it yet and I would love to count on the help of the most experienced.

My application consists of a customer center for an internet provider where the customer can consult information about their contracts, the app integrates with an ERP that provides some REST methods for retrieving the information. All requests are POST returning data according to the requested method.

I have already been able to view the data in the DATA CONFIGURATOR, generated the response schema and it works well up to that part, however when I try to use the response data in some component like a list for example nothing appears, I tried to insert the response in a variable of type object but even so I can’t see the response items in any visual component, I’ve even managed to retrieve the response and validate some information before switching pages, but for example listing the customer’s contracts in a List Item I couldn’t.

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So in this case you would create a data variable from the SGP data resource, which would be a collection of records type of variable. That would store the whole list of records. Then, in your app, you can use the data variable and repeat with to create a list of all your contracts. Do you have these steps in place?