REST API Direct integration

Hi all,

I am trying to get a collection using direct API integration because I need the firestore document ID for updating specific field values.

I have basic auth on my database (email and password).

If I take read access control off the firestore database it works in appgyver but I dont know how to add the username and password into the api call to make it secure.

Please can someone assist that managed to get it right.**************6d/databases/(default)/documents/./ortetails

I have tried many things even pasting the user and password in the http header but it also doesnt work.

Any help will be appreciated.

Also, is there any eta of when patch will be implemented into the firebase connector?

I have never heard about authenticating API against password, usually I use a bearer token which is granted to user after they authorized with login/password.
It all depends on how your API is structured… If you configure it that way, it might take login and password as param for example

Thank you Lukasz

Please can you share the http, body and query settings with me of where to place what?

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Basic authorization takes the user name and password and encodes it as BASE64 in the request header. I use Postman to check my headers and generate the code.

Here is the username “example” and password “example” passed as a header:

Thank you James

I still think I am doing something wrong because I did exactly that in postman but it doesn’t work and says permission denied.

Hi all, I was able to get the bearer token to work.

I have a question for the Appgyver team @Mevi

Is there a ETA when patch plugin will be made available?

Also how do I use basic auth for logging into a https direct API database on firestore.

I have tried the bearer option but I need to find out where can I get the bearer code from as the only output I get is a token and I have tried it with postman but it doesnt allow me to connect.

Thank you to all for the help so far.

Patch plugin? You mean using a HTTP Patch request? Our data configurator does not support that, but you can do a patch request via the HTTP Request flow function.

Thank you Mevi

I have tried but I need to keep authentication on and don’t know how to get the bearer token so that I can securely access the database

Do you have and tips for me?