REST API does not refresh when using a large image list item

I created a MySQL Database using cPanel and then wrote a short PHP script to create a REST API. I connected to the REST API direct integration and the Test “Get” returned both record 1 and 2 that I setup in the database… All was well…
Then I deleted record 2 and added record 3 to the database… I tested the REST API by calling it from a HTTPS call and I received the JSON response for record 1 and 3…
However, my Appgyver app still receives record 1 and 2 on the Test “Get” and on the emulator.
What do I need to do to ensure the REST API reads updated changes to the database?
Thanks in advance!

Update - I accessed the emulator this morning and the record change was now present. Therefore, something is delaying the REST API read and perhaps caching the data?? Obviously waiting so long for changes to the database is not practical… any ideas? Thanks!

Hi! Sounds odd, but there are some problems in the current 1.9.X runtime that are getting fixed in 2.X that could explain this… Could you show me how you are repeating the data in the large image list item? How are you deleting the record, is it from inside the app or directly in the database? What’s the refresh logic of your data (on your data canvas, are you using the default 5s refresh loop, or have you made something custom)? If you could answer these and if you give me your app id and the instructions on which page to look, I can see if there’s something odd going on.

Hi Mevi. I have only created 1 page so far - so it will be easy to find on this app: 164632
I have used the default refresh logic without any changes.
As for the adding and deleting of records, I have been doing this in the database directly at the moment.

Hmm, this makes it difficult for me to try anything :thinking: I had a look and nothing looked amiss – if you check again (making sure there’s no trouble in your internet service), the change should appear in your app when the change is served by the backend, or 5 seconds after. Check also that your backend serves this change immediately, and not with a delay.