Rest API Error in Composer Pro - "please specify at least one route when configuring a navigator"


I’m new to Composer Pro and just started going through the tutorials. I’ve gone through most of them, but one that keeps tripping me up is the one regarding Rest API.

I’ve managed to connect to the Rest API (a list of Countries) and when I click ‘Test’ it brings back the correct data and I’ve also then correctly ‘Set Schema from Response’, which populates the Schema correctly.

Once saved, I place a ‘List Item’ on my page and correctly set all the parameters, as per the tutorial video, but whenever I preview the app on my phone, I keep getting a red screen with the error “please specify at least one route when configuring a navigator”.

I’m stumped! All the other tutorials were relatively easy and I’ve managed to get them all working - it’s just this one which has me scratching my head!

Am I doing something wrong?
Have I missed something?
Is there a glitch?
Please help!

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Can you check the Navigation section from the global toolbar at the top? The error message would indicate you don’t have any pages set for your navigation structure (or have removed a page that was the original start page). If that doesn’t help, if it’s alright with you to share your app ID (in the URL), we could take a peek and see what’s happening.

(Of course, we should prevent you from making an erroring config like this and/or give better instructions for fixing it in the error message – sorry for the hassle!)

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Ahh! It’s worked! That’s brilliant!
Thank you very much!
Something so simple and yet had me tearing my hair out!

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.


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