REST: API is queried every 4 Seconds after page was mounted?

I was trying to fetch data from a REST API on touching a button on the UI using a filter. The result was, that I was getting all data back, no filter was applied.

Using the AppPreview Portal, I saw, that the REST call on button tap was made correctly, returning the desired subset of filtered results.

At the same time I was observing, that the REST API gets queried every 4 Seconds generically without any filter applied. This happens when the page is shown immediately with no other event occuring. The initiator is not the app but a script called: nodered.min-…js

I have no idea why that is? There is no event whatsoever that would have a get-collection step anywhere.

How can I prevent the many unnecessary Requests to the API and ensure only the one triggered by touching the button is fired? Where do the other Requests come from?


Hi, I think this happens because your data variable still has its own default logic active. You’d need to make changes to it for the resource to stop polling backend. You can find more info here.