Rest API items disappearing on the Preview APP

Good day

We have managed to set up Firebase Auth and connect the Rest API Data Source successfully.

After linking the data (videos) into repeated items we now have two problems:

  1. Videos from repeated items will be visible from the preview App for a while, but one by one they start to disappear, i.e. you cannot see them on the preview app anymore although they’re still saved on Firebase.

  2. Sometimes even though you have added a new video on Firebase successfully, it just won’t appear on the preview APP. The repeated items have no formulas.

Any idea what could be causing these problems?




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I’m having a similar issue. Check the inspector in your browser window. I’m getting a 400 bad request error. This happened after updating my API with additional fields (specifically a ‘list of objects’ which feed from another backend data table).

Thanks. Still no luck.

I hope someone can manage to assist us.

Problem solved.

I had to change from third party authentication to Firebase authentication, wallah videos reappeared!

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