REST API - NetworkError


I am trying to integrate a self-hosted REST API server and I am getting the error Error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.status: -1 when running a Test.

I have the test api server setup on the domain (no auth). cURL and web requests work fine. I am confused why AppGyver refuses to GET any data.

An example GET request can be sent to

I am wondering if this might be a DNS problem since I recently updated the DNS records? DNS propagation tools are showing that the CNAME and A records are updated with the correct values :confused:

Is there any documentation on the REST API direct integration other than Are there any certain requirements that the REST API must meet to be compatible with Appgyver?

It is unclear what the error Error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.status: -1 even means.

I have no ways of debugging this issue myself because again, my API works with other services including cURL and web XML requests.

Hi! Database integrations are far from my speciality, but I’ll try to help you forward :grimacing:

For debugging I’d recommend opening the developer console of your browser and seeing if there are any errors in the console, and what the network request returns, as it might give you some clues of what’s going wrong. Some of my usual issues include needing to add / to Get collection relative path etc. However your error sounds like it might be something else.

There are more (community made) tutorials available. Browsing through our forums might help you.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, if these don’t help you forward please let me know so I can try to see if there is something else I could do.

This was very helpful. For some reason I didn’t think to check the browser dev console.

The issue was on my end. My API was not setting the right headers for the CORS request.

Is there any information available on which AppGyver domains make the REST API requests? This post suggests that only and need to be added. Is this still correct? I assume there are multiple subdomains (such as ‘platform’); is there anyway to get a full list?

Forgot to mention that I had to clear by browser cache to get things working correctly.

Hi! Great that you got it working.

Not sure if this is the full list, but some subdomains include:

If I come up with more, I’ll let you know!

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