REST API Opportunities

I was working on the Movie Database tutorial today and was blow away at how easy it was to import API data!! I’ve been working with Xojo. You would not believe the days it took, just to download some API data and populate a simple List. (Grueling.) Now… with AppGyver I can hardly believe how easy it is to import API data and populate a List. Let me explain.

Using AppGyver’s Data Configurator, parameters are entered into the appropriate fields then with one click you can run a test and the JSON data is instantly displayed. Nice! But wait. The BEST part is the SCHEMA tab. Click on that and the entire schema is parsed out into Database Fields which can easy be used anywhere in the application!!! How easy was that.

My guess is most people don’t realize how powerful it is – how you can select any database field from a drop down selector, and bind it to a screen object. (Binding!) This is like a long lost miracle cure from the old days, not seen too often anymore. This is how data should be loaded into an object!

So… with REST API data manipulation as easy as it is, my mind is working overtime; thinking up all the possibilities on how I can use AppGyver to make some money. Look! Look at ALL the possibilities over here at Programmable Web There are tens of thousands of of FREE and near FREE data services that can easily be mashed into some kind of unique and marketable application.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s this. Combining existing technologies in unique ways is the fastest way to make a profit.

Anyway… I have a few questions.

I see over on Programmable Web there are different API versions:

  • REST v0.0, v2.1, v1.3, v3
  • RPC v1, v2.0
  • Indirect v1.0, v2.1
  • FEED v3.0
  • Streaming v3

Which ones work best with AppGyver?

Also, I noticed you can add Custom JavaScript to Logic Flows. Any chance these JavaScript SDKs (software development kits) can be used in a similar way?

For now it’s just a REST configurator. Throw in feature requests at if you think we should support something else.

We have done simple “plug and play” things with SDK:s so it’s definitely possible, not sure if there’s any examples for the public right now. Once we get the Custom React Native / React web plugins released I expect there to be all sorts of custom plugins available.

Update: While Programmable Web may have the largest directory of sources for REST API data, many resources are outdated and others have very low or no Followers. At this point I’m kind of liking some of these other directories better. [directory]

Question: If I were to experiment with a JavaScript SDK, using Custom JavaScript in a Composer Logic Flow, where would the data end up? Most likely it would be JSON data. If so, would I be able to put that in an Object Variable and then define that as a Data Source? So as to have access to all the available fields throughout my app, (similar to REST API’s defined with AppGyver’s REST Configurator).