Rest api parameters dont show up (doesnt work)

i have this bug, where the parameters dont show up in the test tab and the data connector

what can i do, the same happened some days ago, and when i deleted the parameters and created them again, they appeared but now even that doesnt work,(also the thing that both parameters have the same name doesnt make any difference i did it for testing)

just to add some info, even if the parameter is static, the rest api call doest work
BUT it works with the default value


So if I understand correctly the error is that the query parameter store is missing from the request. If you have set it as static, have you given a value to it?

If you open your developer tools in your browser (right-click your browser → Inspect → open Network tab) and then click on Run test, do you see the request with the correct values in the request url?

not only that, but with a completely different request, if i set a parameter, it doesnt include it in the request, but if i just type the parameter in the request url it works fine
im sure something is wrong, because as i said it happened with two completely different requests that previously worked fine.

My app id is 343983
and the same happens in this app 317474

you can clearly see the problem, if you make a test request. in the rest api direct integration named closed and the one named daysoff
Also this happens both with get and put but please test it only with get so you dont delete my database . and thank you very much for your interest


Alright then, could you create a tracker ticket with your app info so our dev team can take a closer look :slight_smile:

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Sure here it is,

that you very much!

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