REST API query parameter issue with comma separated values

Hi everybody,
First of all thanks for the awesome tool and the community!
I’ve been here for a while in a “silent visitor, read-only mode”, but now it looks like I need somebody’s help and that’s why I decided to make a post here :slight_smile: (though, I’m a bit shy \ doubting due to this is my very first post)

I’m struggling with REST API configuration for OpenMeteo API
They have one parameter which can have multiple values, it’s called “hourly”.
When I put only one value for it - everything is fine and gives me response 200:

But when I put 2 values separated with comma (which is the way described in their API docs), it gives me response 400 and error:

Why do I think it’s not a problem of the API itself, but something I do within AppGyver?
Because if I try URL with all that parameters in my browser, it works fine:,temperature_2m

One assumption I have - that appgyger is going URL encoding of the coma sign. Is there an option to supply an array of strings as a value for a query parameter?


OK, my assumption was right, AppGyver indeed encodes comma “,” to %2C while sending http request… isn’t it a bug? :slight_smile:


Did you disable the “Is encoded” property of the parameter?