REST API response: spaces in response object names -> access properties with spaces in formulas?


I am connecting to Airtable according to the Airtable tutorial which works fine.
However, as in the example in the tutorial, some column names have spaces which results also in properties with spaces.
How do I access a property with spaces in a formula?

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Just out of curiosity, what tutorial are you following? I don’t know if our formulas would work with spaces in property names :disappointed_relieved: but if they do, probably with something like data.MyData."property with spaces" or LOOKUP(data.Mydata, "property with spaces")


i followed:
the data.MyData.“property with spaces” does not work in a formula, I tried this already. The LOOKUP sounds like a promising idea, will look into this!

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You can access such properties (or any other properties for that matter) with data.MyData["property with spaces"] :slight_smile: