REST API stopped working in the App

Hi there,

Something strange is happening with my app:

  1. All my REST API stopped working in the app. They work in Data Configurator (I tried to create a new one and it works well also). But when I start the app in iPhone then it doesn’t show any data.
  2. Debugger doesn’t work. I tried to debug the app. AppGyver shows that debugger is connected but it doesn’t show any information on Console, Flows tabs. In State they show some information but it doesn’t return anything in Data:
  3. I tried to launch the app in Web but the app doesn’t start at all - there is just a spinner.

Could you please help me with it?

My app ID is 165702

Hi @Mikhail,

It sounds like you’ve got your APIs connected and working in the design phase, and you’ve successfully connected the debugger for an active session. That’s great.

In your app, on the page where you’re anticipating the API data to be called and made available for components to process/view, have you added the data variable?

For example you can see my employees api call pulled into the page context:

Which is where the API is actually called. For example automatically on page load is the default logic:

Hi @Lance_Douglas ,

Yes, it set up. Everything worked well 1 week ago: the app worked with all APIs and debugger showed all necessary information. Yesterday I updated some components from the market and the app stopped working with API and debugger.

Ah, understood. If it was working and only an update to existing marketplaces components caused it to fail then I’d recommend that you open an issue. That seems like it’s be near impossible to try and debug, through this forum, all the possible things that could be wrong :slight_smile:

Thank you, it makes sense. I created a ticket regarding it.

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