Rest API stopped working on Android, it does work on iOS, URGENT HELP!

Hi Guys,

I’m testing my new app and since today the preview on Android is giving errors on get record and get collection but working as expected on iOS.

Is anyone else having the same issues?


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What kind of errors are you getting on android? You can e.g. bind the Get Collection’s error message to an alert to see more clearly what the issue is.

I think the calls aren’t properly executed! let me show a screen of the debugger

The thing is that the API is fine, as it works via POSTMAN and iOS

Hmm and the values in those input variables are correct? They probably are as they work on iOS, what API are you using?

Yes the values are correct, they are read from a QR code and pass to the API.
The API is developed by me in PHP. Very simple API, getRecord and getCollection are pretty much simple queries with the parameter (QR Code) in the where clause.

The strange thing is that yesterday it was working fine. It stopped working yesterday afternoon (around 15 CET)

Alright, since it worked before it sounds like a regression bug, can you submit a bug ticket so our team can take a look at it? Sorry for the inconvenience :confused:

Already done it! Thanks! Could you help us ASAP, as we have some customer PoC this week and we need this working on Android. Thanks

Great thanks! Have you made any other changes to your app around that time?

Nope! Pure testing and styling, but not any data access changes

Alright thanks for the info, and are you able to try with any other Android devices if it would work? Just thinking about some quick fixes to tide you over. Sometimes with Android specific issues it can help to set a short Delay node before the Get requests, maybe that’s worth a shot too if it would help

I’ll try that, thanks!
But the issue is the same on 5 different android devices

Just tried the Delay, same behavior, works on iOS does not on Android

Okay thanks for trying! Our team is investigating this now, did you update your components from the marketplace yesterday? There might be an issue with the update, if you are able to revert your app to before the update then that might fix the issue while we sort it out.

Not sure about that! And not sure what the implication of rolling back are! Lost of tweaking has been done yesterday

Hi, any news? still not working! thanks

Hi Cecilia, got any news? feed-back? many thanks

Hey, I sent you a private message to ask some details for me to be able to test your app, please see your messages :slight_smile:

Dear Community,

Had there been any success in this issue, since I’m also facing the same challenge with my app.

iOS “Appgyver preview” app works just fine fetches the data but the android “Appgyver preview” app does make the api call, however the data isn’t being displayed.

Any help is appreciated on this issue.

Hi Kay,

No, still doing testing but no luck yet!

Thanks for the update and please keep up posted.