Retrieve PDF TYPE Response from API

How can I retrieve a PDF-type response from an API through APPGYVER’s HTTP Request?

So, the API in question is this:

I performed 2 tests on API’s testers on the internet, both tests were positive, and apparently returned the PDF.

However, I can’t, or rather, I don’t know how to get this PDF in the HTTP Request response.

Remember, the content type is Form.

i couldnt find anything about the response in the documentation, But in general, a good idea is that you get a url as a response and then you can use the preview pdf to display it.

How i get URL of Response?

this has to do with the api that you use, some give url as a response, but i couldn’t find what type of response does the api that you use has.
you can search in the documentation

I’ve looked, I can’t find it anywhere

Hi! Do you mean it’s multipart/form-data? In that case, you’ll need a custom solution, see threads linked here: Multipart Form Data HTTP Request