Retrieve variable value, after restarting the application - No Internet Mode

I’m developing an application for college, and this application will show the schedules and routes of the buses of a city here in Brazil, and if the person has a favorite bus line, she would mark this field for each time she entered the application already appear to her. This is all without internet. Can anyone help me with this? please

Hello Moises_Kleinschmitt
Except I got you wrong, you want to keep the toggle value so that the next time the user starts the app, it will show what he/she had selected, all this while done online, is that so?

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Here is what I did based on my interpretation of your question.
First I created a page variable called “togglevalue” which will be linked to the value of the toggle. Next, I installed the “Get item from storage” and “Set item to storage”. I shall now store the value of “togglevalue” using “Set item to storage” and at the page logic, whenever the page mounts, it will retrieve the stored value, using “Get item from Storage” and pass the value into “togglevalue”. I hope from this brief description you will better understand the screenshots below

I couldn’t do it, the toggle button only accepts true and false variable, and the SET PAGE VARIABLE only accepts text. if you can print how you stated your variables. Can you add me to discord? moisesks

I just did. My Discord Uname: alainmichel