Retrieving child level data items for the Odata interation entity set

I have an odata integration entity set as Employees having three fields as Employee ID, First Name, Last name and so on and one other entity set Address containing Employee Id and the address details . I have added the Odata entity Employee in my data tab and now i want the address details as well from the Address entity to get displayed on the same list page as the Employee list view page.
I am able to get the details of the address on the details page that I have created . For the details page on the click of the list item in the list view page I am taking the Employee Id and since it is the foreign key in the Address table i am able to retrieve the address values there. Having an issue that how can i get both the data from address and the employee table to be retrieved on the same list page.


I hope I have understood the question well.
But I think : Find_By_Key ()
should do what you are looking for.