Retrieving the record id

Is there a way to get the record id for a specific record?

I want to use the Update Record flow function to make changes to a specific
record. But I cannot seem to use a function (at least the ones I tried already) to
retrieve the record id.

Basically, I want to retrieve the saved counter for a record and increment it and then save the updated value. Then do the same again if needed.

========= Update =======

Ok, when using the MAP function in the ‘Repeat with’ I lost the ability to use the ‘Data item in repeat’ correctly, meaning the current properties were not options, only value and label were choices (which were defined in the MAP function). I just removed the MAP portion of the formula and I was able to see the schema. This most likely led to the original ‘Update record’ problem with utilizing the correct recID.

I was able to get the ‘Update record’ to work correctly by using a FIND in the ID field. Since I got rid of the MAPs, I was able to use ‘repeated.current.items’ for the equate statement in the following formula…

STRING(LOOKUP(FIND(data.dataList, item.listAddress==repeated.current.items), “id”))