Returning an output.response works, but returning an output.response.item does not?

I have a paragraph field which is set to the following formula:
ENCODE_JSON(outputs[“Create record”].response)

This works and returns the response into the field:
Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 1.43.30 PM

If I then change the formula to any of the items within the array, eg.

When I click the button which calls the Create record node, the paragraph is blank, as if it cannot access the item. I tried this with and without the ENCODE_JSON and got the same result. I am not sure what I’m missing because a) just .response is working and we can see the nested items are there and have values and b) inside the formula builder, it seems to pick up the items and return the correct values as examples?

Any help appreciated!

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outputs["Create record"].response[0].email ?

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Thanks, I was being an idiot :sweat_smile: