Returning to the same scroll position after action

In our app, we are sometimes generating very long lists. If the user deletes an item off a long list, it usually sends them to the top of the page. We are not refreshing the page–just fetching the data collection and setting the data variable.

Is there a way to keep them in the same scroll position? I see there’s a “scroll to” component, but I don’t know how to read what their scroll position is at button tap.

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This will be possible with the new runtime, which we hope to get to beta in a week or two – the only hack that comes to mind is setting a height for a container surrounding the repeated list based on the number of items. What happens now is that for a brief moment, the items are not rendered at all, so the view shrinks to its base height before again showing the list.

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For anyone else who needs a hack in the meantime, I set the “scroll to” to 100,000 pixels, and it always takes us to the bottom on tap :slight_smile:

Really glad to hear it will be a feature. Thanks for letting me know @Harri_Sarsa!

Hey @Harri_Sarsa, just wanted to know if there’s been an update on this yet. Being able to read a user’s current scroll position would be very helpful.