RevenueCat In App Purchase Workaround

Dear App Gyver,

RevenueCat have a REST API for making purchases/subscrptions.

Does this mean we could use them with App Gyver for making In-App Purchases?

Has anyone tried this or anything similar?

I ended up stopping using AppGyver/Composer as there was no support for in-app purchases but would love to start using it again if this works!!

All the best


Looks totally do-able to me. If it can be completely interfaced via REST API then Appgyver couldn’t care less what it’s functional purpose is.

Unfortunately I stopped using AppGyver for same reason. That s a fantastic tool, but I need IAP function.

I’m not sure if you’d be required to add some permissions to the build - and if this could be done with AG.

Would be great to know if anyone has got this or any other method for IAP working

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Has anyone tried this? Looks like just adding some custom code.

I had a feeling that you need to have some capabilities enabled on the build so never tried it.

@Mevi do you know if this is the case?

But please let me know if you get it working!!!

I have not tried anything yet here since the plugin option is pending for a very long time with no ETA and without monetization i don’t want to end up spending money for the backend and loose savings. Noticed your message in another forum as well searching for a right platform. If possible PM me what are the project needs and will let you know if any of the resources i know matches your requirement.

That would be awesome thanks Pradeep!

Just need IAP, custom api POST requests, Auth
Backed ideally firebase

All the best!

Haven’t tried it, so no clue. But if it requires build settings like @JOHN_WORSHAM said, that’ll be a bottleneck, as that’s not supported atm. It’s difficult to say without a deep-dive into the docs / trying it out, but please let us know if you succeed.

I have a question, has anyone ever made money solely with an appgyver app? I’m trying to monetize my app but until now I’ve been unsuccessful to find a solution.

The supreme court of US has ruled that Google. Cannot penalize you or deny your app distribution for providing an alternative online payment method. This has been done successfully in many apps, including Facebook, where the user purchases stars from a website after initiating an email conteining the payment link from the app.