Rich Text Editor: Passing Initial Information

I am attempting to use the “Open rich text editor” flow-function.

The text editor opens, I can save information FROM the text editor, but I can’t seem to pass initial information TO the text editor.

The title field remains “RichTextEditor” open opening, regardless of what I change the “Title” input to.

The initial html content similarly doesn’t update, even when I pass information saved from the text editor back as the input.

Output of RichTextEditor does not works as input:
Fjsjfj< div>Fjsjd</ div>< div>Djdjd</ div>< div>1135632</ div>< div>Dfjdjffj</ div>

(note that I put a space in front of each of the “d’s” in div to show the html)

I’ve attempted to save this string as a variable and enter the variable and simply save it as a static text.

Does this function flow-function not work or am I using it wrong? I haven’t seen example inputs on the forum or in the help section.

Hi! This is unfortunately a known bug. :confused:

Thank you @Meri. I have worked around the problem by using Input Fields with pre-populated “Placeholder text”.