Right to left scroll view

I have a container of images inside a scroll view. I want everything to work right to left, so, I changed the container’s “revers the order of the children” property. However, there is no similar property for the scroll view to make the containers’s images align to the right side, so, when the user wants to show the other hidden images, he has to move the current ones to the right.
For now all of the images are align to the left!!

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What happens if you add a Container inside the Scroll view and set the Reverse the order of the children property for the Container? Though that will not init the scroll view to the right end; need to think on this more.

https://stackoverflow.com/a/57842899/2761625 would suggest adding {scaleX: -1} transformation to the scroll view and its children, that could be worth testing.

I did the following but still didn’t work:
1 - I have created a general property called “transform” with String value={scaleX: -1}

2- then I linked it to the scroll view and the card

Since changing the scroll view’s background color didn’t work, I think that I have issue with accessing the scroll view’s style.