Roadmap, post SAP acquisition. Are new features still coming to Composer Pro's free users?

After the SAP integration I understand Appgyver is reprioritizing resources, and reviewing roadmaps. When can you update if any of the features promised before the acquisition are coming?

Top requests on the tracker are:

3rd party plugins
Support in-app purchases
Advanced navigation
3rd party auth
custom domains
1st class for firebase
integrate class for admob
duplicate apps
expose native events
ui import




Also curious what the status is on these topics and how the acquisition changes the priorities.

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Very curious to know about this as well. @Mevi or @Harri_Sarsa will you please let us know. Thanks

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Sorry for not answering this earlier!

The plan is absolutely to continue bringing out new features, and e.g. Firebase first-class-citizen support was released already in July. We are working on e.g. 3rd party plugins, advanced navigation and 3rd party auth right now, but no promises about the roadmap unfortunately. We’ll let you know when there’s more news!