Rotating Banner Ads Broken on iOS but not Android

In my app, I have a rotating banner ad component that I made - it is set up such that it rotates every 4 seconds. A user can click the ad and be taken to a detail page that corresponds to the organization on the ad.

Expected behavior:

This should accurately display and rotate across Android and iOS test and production environments.


This functions correctly on Android production and test builds, as well as the iOS AppGyver Preview App. However, when pushed to TestFlight or iOS production, a bug appears as follows:

Upon initial load, the ads rotate correctly. As soon as I exit the iOS TestFlight app (swapping over to any other app while keeping the iOS TestFlight app running in the background) OR if I’m on the TestFlight app and just put my phone to sleep, in both cases upon opening the app, the ads no longer rotate, even after jumping around multiple pages. It’s stuck on whatever ad was displayed before I exited the app.

I made a simpler test to confirm … I added a string appVar and an appVar that was a list. I then added some logic to the global canvas to set the text var to the result of SHUFFLE(appVar.List)[0] … then a delay of 5 seconds and repeat. Works fine on both iOS and Android, until you switch to another app or sleep under iOS … after returning, the string var is no longer getting updated. Under Android it continues to work fine.

You should file a bug report on the issue tracker. Essentially, you can copy/paste most of what you wrote there on a fresh ticket here so they’ll at least see this. Otherwise, your thread may just fade into obscurity and the AG team misses it.

Do note, this issue may take months to resolve. It depends how much such a functionality would be considered app-breaking if it fails.

Appreciate the input. I’ve already gotten the bug report in, but was hoping that pending that resolution somebody else might have another idea for me to try to get around this for now.

The bug report is here:

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