RSS Atom parser

Anyone can direct me how to parse RSS ATOM feed into separate entries in a list?

Since the RSS feed is in XML, it’s a bit tricky to parse into JSON, especially client-side. We’ll see if we could enable it as a built-in data resource type, but a combination of the HTTP request node to get the raw XML string and the JavaScript node to parse it should get you there, but it does require a bit of coding skill – something like came up with a quick Google search.

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I also have a REST API that returns XML instead of JSON. It would be great if this was supported in the data feature.

Even if it was just converted to ugly JSON would be handy. I can provide some short javascript code.

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Created an issue on this!

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Hi Harri.
I really like Composer Pro and the direction it goes. But I am “low coder” that has litle-to-no idea on how to deploy that. Deploying XML parser to Appgyver looks the same as deployment in Android studio for me. It would be really GREAT if you guys can help in some way. Looks like there are other people that require XML parser as well. Thank you.