RTL Languages (Arabic language)

Is there an Arabic language in appgyver platform ?
I hope that appgyver answers me, thanks.

Hey Ashraf, what exactly do you mean? Are you asking if the composer is translated into Arabic language or if the app could be created in the Arabic language? Please, elaborate on that. :slight_smile:

I actually meant can the app be created in the Arabic language ?

But Also i can add what you said, Can the composer is translated into Arabic language as well?

I hope you answer me clearly, thanks.

As far as I know, English is the only supported language in the Composer, but I might be wrong.

And you can create an app in any language you wish to. :slight_smile: I am not aware about any restrictions.

Can you inform me where to find the language options for creating an app?

Thanks alot.

Do you mean in the Composer can be translated into Arabic? As I mentioned, I am not sure that is the option as the only language I have seen was English. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


I got you right the first time.

I know that composer in in English only.

But lets say you made an app.

you want Arabic people to explore and use it, that should be in Arabic language of course.

How can i find the options list for languages to explore the app? what ever was the language you choose.