Runtime 4.9.118 Build Issue: Missing content in App Build

App ID: 48782
Build ID: 11966

I’ve got this issue where images within my app show within the Preview App but are not shown in the final iOS build. These images are retrieved from a Direct REST API integration from my firebase data resource and the logic/data setup has been unchanged since all prior runtime versions with no issues.

Builds made Runtime 4.9.113 have images showing as normal. Below are two screenshots. The first image is a screenshot from the iOS preview app and the one with white blanks is the final iOS build

This is how I have logic setup to populate app variables from my data resource

To confirm that it probably is an issue with this runtime, I Built an old version of the app that was once live on the App Store built on older runtimes with the current runtime and the problem showed up. Im not sure where to locate the problem as its not showing up within the preview app but I would assume somewhere between this logic

Get record collection → Update Record or Get Record → Create Record → set app variable

Anyone else experiencing this? Would be nice to get someone from the team to look into this


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We also experience this issue, and hope that it’s going to be addressed soon.

I’m not sure if there’s a bug tracker ticket about it.

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Hey @Mihaly_Toth, I’ve created a tracker ticket for the issue if you’d like to follow