Runtime different Versions!

Why does my apk file become 54 MB when I create it with Runtime Version: 3.3.5 and it becomes 185 MB when I create it with Runtime Version: 3.4.4 or 3.4.5?
What is the difference between these versions?

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Is there anyone who can answer my question above

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There was someone else that mentioned this too, but i dont remember more you can look for it in the forum


No idea, but I’ll ask about this. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


@user25 could you give us your app ID so we can investigate this further? You can find it in the project URL in the editor. :slight_smile:

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Yes, my app ID is 356757

Looking forward to a response on this as my app too more than doubled in size.

We have a fix for this in the pipeline, but getting it out hasn’t been as smooth a process as we had hoped :grimacing: I’ll let you know once we do have the fix out.


Hi Mevi,
Any latest news on this?