Safe to Delete Images & Fonts?

Hi! Probably a noob question: All of my web app’s image sources are URLs, from a bucket in my S3 account. However, I noticed that when I download the app, it includes a copy of all of those images in a folder called “images.” Since all of my images are referencing web URLs, why am I including copies of those images in the web app when I upload it? Is it safe to delete those? Or does AppGyver do some automagical reassignment that results in referencing the local images instead of the web URLs once the app is built?

Related question: Unused standard AppGyver fonts, in particular the symbol/icon fonts, seem to take up a lot of space as a percent of the web app’s total size. Is it safe to delete unused fonts/symbols/icons from the folder (built web app) before uploading that folder to my web site?

The build service downloads all assets to serve in the app locally, so yeah, it’s as expected that the images are included there, and they are required for the app.

As for unused fonts, I don’t think we’ve tried it, but should be safe to delete them, the worst that can happen is that if you forgot something is in use somewhere, it defaults to system default font :smiley: