Same inputs, different results on backend

Hi @Cecilia ,

This is during testing in the web browser.

Any idea why inputs don’t appear on the second page (for username), but they do appear for the first page (email and password)?

When I was running the test on the data config side, they all appeared on the backend.

Attached are screenshots of the ‘Create Record’ component for the first page:

and the second page:

Any idea what could have caused the data from the second page to not appear in the backend?

Many thanks!


Sorry I’m not sure I understand the issue, so the email and password get saved to the backend but not username and password? This logic flow with two create records on different pages would result in two separate records being created into the backend, one with the email and password and another one with the username and birthdate. If you want to save all this info as one record you’d have to use Update record in the second page, to add the username and birthdate data to the already crated record with the email and password. Or you can pass the email and password as page parameters to the second page, and use just one Create record there to set all the fields at once.

Hi @Cecilia , I summarized the problem here better earlier this morning

I know that, by default, email and password are the “canonical” methods for user authentication in Backendless.

Now, I discovered by accident that, apparently, the Identity column of the Users - Schema table in Backendless does allow for a different methods to be selected (circled in the image). I can’t say 100% that this means you could set the login protocol to use the username over the email. But you can experiment with that – you’d probably need to adjust your API accordingly. I would bring this up on the Backendless forums and see what answers you get from those more knowledgeable than us.

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Yeap, that would be more pragmatic too. Having username as the login. Instead of typing the whole email out.

But currently just stuck on the ‘update record’ saga. hahahahaa >.<

I can spell out the logic: User register with email and password. objectId is created. objectId is passed towards subsequent pages such that all further entries will be updated back to Backendless columns based on objectId.

Hahaha, but I haven’t been able to execute this here. have a hunch it’s actually smth simple. Just a few different arrangements of brackets/path or smth similar. :laughing: