Samples or tutorials

Is there a location where I can find samples or tutorials in general ?

Specifically - Trying to get to grips with using LocalStore but not getting very far - maybe I’m just overlooking documentation somewhere?

Actually if I’d watched the youtube on the documentation home page it would explain how to do this.

But if there are alternative resources re: samples / tutorials I’d be keen to hear

We’re working hard to get more tutorials up and running! Have you watched the onboarding widget videos yet (available by clicking the progress bar at the bottom of Composer)?

Composer is an amazing product and has great reference documentation. Huge thanks for the tool and the generous free plan. It blows my mind.

As for tutorials, please, please don’t rely solely on video for such essential introductory material as there are usability issues with video for instructional use.

Video involves significant cognitive overhead. Especially for non-native English speakers who have to listen and understand the spoken commentary, read and understand the labels and text being demonstrated, and make sense of an unfamiliar tool and features, all at the same time. In most tutorual videos, including AppGyver’s, everything happens too fast. The presenter doesn’t linger enough with the mouse pointer on the controls and user interface elements being activated. The presenter quickly zips by with not enough time to figure what’s going on.

I have to constantly rewind the video and re-watch each segment. A written tutorial would instead accommodate everyone’s learning pace.

Video is great, as long as it’s not the only option.

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That’s valid point, and the plan is to do both! There’s already a few in the Tutorials section at

I agree the videos could be paced better, and depending on how familiar you are with Composer, can feel overwhelmingly fast or too slow.

However, we’ve been discussing the difficulty of building static tutorials for a visual tool – there’s so much potentially happening with every step that it can be a lot harder to show how things come together compared to e.g. traditional coding tutorials, where you can just show copypasteable code. That’s no excuse to not do tutorials, of course, but it does require extra work to remain followable.

Another thing we’ve been toying around with is in-app tutorials, where some overlay will actually lead you through every action, explaining them along the way, or a way to visualize “pieces” of a Composer app in a way that’s then copypasteable/addable to your app with one click.

We’re taking user education very seriously, so feedback like this is super valuable. Thanks!


Thanks, I’ve seen some of those in-app tutorials in Composer. They’re promising but, again, they mostly refer to videos.

Thanks for this great software but would be really nice if there were text and screenshot based tutorials for creating some basic apps. Video tutorials increase the time needed to learn the fundamentals more than tenfold for me.

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I wholeheartedly agree, and the plan is to provide screenshot-based tutorials too (there are a few under the Tutorials section at We’ve got a new team member starting next week who’ll only be providing materials to the community, so hope to see some progress here soon!

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Many thanks! Is there a way to import some basic sample apps into the account? That would also be a great way to learn how the components have all been put together.

@Harri_Sarsa how about a complete walkthrough of how you guys built the DHL app, I’m missing some fundamentals with appgyver.